Brian Brooks Dance-

My work with Brian Brooks investigates space and the relationship to dance through scenic installation and lighting design. This began with MOTOR where we explored breaking the 4th wall in a theatre by creating an installation created with fabric that went from the stage into the audience, playing with the spectatorʼs perception of space by use of vanishing point perspective. The next piece DESCENT continued this exploration with light and haze in special relationship to the ground. BIG CITY explored vertical space with an aluminum installation and Run Donʼt Run was a return to fabric like in MOTOR but in a horizontal way.

Pam Tanowitz Dance-

My work with Pam Tanowitz often explored making a space not appear like the theatrical space familiar to an audience. The sets or designs often played with audiences perceptions of what should be seen as onstage or offstage with the visible. This is most evident in our work on Be In The Grey With Me for which I won a Bessie for lighting and set design, Wanderer Fantasy, as well as Femina and A Two Part Affair which were two pieces commissioned for Guggenheimʼs Works and Process. These are amongst a few of our frequent collaborations.

Camille A. Brown and Dancers-

My work with Camille A. Brown culminated in Mr. Tol E. Rance for which the Bessies gave an Outstanding Production award. I created a scenic element, two panels of fabric with internal rigging, that would change the space throughout the piece and allow for projections. Some other pieces for which I created lighting designs for are Girlz Verse and Been There, Done That.

Catherine Cabeenʼs Hyphen Dance-

I recently collaborated with Catherine Cabeen on her scenic design ideas for GiveMe More. The piece incorporated over 200 lbs of donated clothing which I helped shape into a set. I also add texture to the piece with the use of fluorescent and theatrical lighting.

Pioneers Go East Collective-

In Gemini Stars/Scorpio Stars at La MaMa, as a new member of PioneersGo East Collective, I created a lighting design that helped bring together the ideas of the piece but breaks with theatrical norms of realism. Iʼm not afraid to use color and effects to help shape space and give texture to the many layers of a piece like Gemini Stars/Scorpio Stars. I also collaborated with Gian Marco LoForte on scenic installations that provided multiple spaces onstage and offstage along with surfaces for projections.